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Bar Soap or Liquid Soap? A Commentary on Changing Times!

As a confessed marketing madman who thinks different, I’m always pondering branding strategies, marketing messages, hot products, and changing business trends. One of the rambling thoughts I’ve pondered recently is the movement to use liquid soap instead of bar soap. Clearly this is today’s soap trend.

I grew up on bar soap. We used Zest, Dial or the ever-popular Irish Spring. I can still remember their commercial noting in a “precious” Irish accent that: With two deodorants…it get’s a strong man fresh!

Take a look at this 1979 Classic Video. Check out that chest hair! Are you kidding me?

Liquid soap is a brilliant example of marketing for the companies who make it. It’s much more expensive and you go through it faster. This is a trend that just wasn’t around as I was growing up. My 16-year-old son would never think about using bar soap. It’s not part of his culture. He is typically drawn to the "manly" liquid soaps like AXE or Old Spice. However, whenever the Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions soap is available, the stuff disappears.

What ingenious product/marketing team came up with this scent combination? Even I am seduced by the smell and the "real extract of pomegranate,” “natures anti-oxidant rich fruit" with "moisture beads." It's intoxicating! But geez…it’s soap!! Another trend is bagged lettuce. It’s just lettuce cut up in a bag, but we pay much more for the convenience of not cutting the lettuce. It’s worthwhile to keep this in mind as we ponder clients who we “think” won’t pay for the convenience of dealing with a promotional products professional. We will save them time and bring the value-added benefits of offering effective branding solutions. It’s not always about price. Bagged lettuce goes to prove that as a society, we WILL pay for convenience.

Clearly, we are living in rapidly changing times. There is a big focus on social media, which is a valuable communication tool. But…just as we start to get a handle on Facebook and Twitter, along comes new ways to communicate. It’s tough to keep up!

It doesn't make a difference if your preference is bar soap or liquid soap or if you chop your own lettuce or not. I assume that you would make the right choice to do whatever it takes to generate build your business. Old ways, new ways…it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that you take the initiative to be as effective as you can to stand apart from your competition and increase sales.

Times have changed and to succeed in this marketplace, businesses need to adapt to these changes.


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