ta-cos  /takos/ (n). 
The solution to every problem and the answer to every question. They don't get defensive or reactive. They hold space for us and make us feel whole.

The world, as we have known it, has changed radically.  


It's not business as usual. Companies that can adapt to this new marketplace will thrive.

NOW is the time to define what your personal and company brand is! 


Join Jay, Jeff, and Special Guests for TACOS, as we showcase the epic marketing and branding that distributors and suppliers are doing. You will learn from these branding nuggets that will better position you for what lies ahead. 

Challenging as this season is, one thing we know for sure is that TACOS make everything better.

Have a TACO and enjoy these shows!

TACOS with Jay and Jeff Featuring "2 Regular Guys"

Our guests for this TACOS episode are Aaron Montgomery and Terry Combs from the "2 Regular Guys" podcast and live streaming show. Thankfully the battle of Wings vs. Tacos didn't happen...read more.

TACOS with Jay and Jeff Featuring Jason Nokes

It is almost a given that when you decide to do a “technology” episode of TACOS with Jay & Jeff, you will encounter more challenging technology issues than ever before.

Special Edition!

Check out this SPECIAL Edition of TACOS Live with Jay and Jeff on PromoCorner during the PPAI Expo Direct 2 You 2021 show.  It's SPICY HOT!  Brandon Pecharich joins Jay Busselle and Jeff Solomon to talk about what we have learned as we have done these shows.

All the TACOS Shows ..read more.

Zach Lord

Red Tomato

Are you ready for the international episode of TACOS with Jay & Jeff? How about Christmas down under? We were lucky to catch Zach Lord from the marketing and branding agency Red Tomato in Australia! ...read more.

Shannon Loredo

Business Branders

This TACOS with Jay and Jeff Show LIVE on PromoCorner was another FIESTA! Our special guest Shannon Loredo, from Business Branders, crushed it!  And in a TACOS show first, she sang a song! Grab a TACO and enjoy!

Chris Wachowiak

Ronin Branding

We have two guests on this powerful edition of TACOS with Jay & Jeff. First is Chris Wachowiak of Ronin Branding, who suggested we include our second guest, Bill Petrie, from brandivate. We discuss epic branding, emotional marketing and explore something called the "designers dilemma."

Vicki Ostrom, JGR, Trendependent

Three words… one question! What is Trending? The answers are critical. Are we dependent on trends? Probably more than you know! In this episode of TACOS with Jay & Jeff, we have a "trendy" discussion with Vicki Ostrom and Jessica Gibbons-Rauch... read more.

Best of Collection

Greatest Hits

Welcome to our first "Best of Collection" or a "Greatest Hits" of TACOS with Jay & Jeff. Is that possible after 15... err, 18 sessions?  Sure it is!  Jay & Jeff revisit some of the epic branding, purpose-driven marketing, powerful conversations.


Dream Team

Brittany David, Steve Rone, and special guest, Jeff Anderton, all from SnugZ USA, join us to enjoy TACOS!  Like the company they represent, they are bold, daring, adventurous, playful, and will teach us how to “promo the cheese out of it.”  They are pushing the envelope on creative marketing and thinking outside the box to drive sales.

Nick Lateur

Imagen Brands

TACOS with Jay and Jeff is HOT and getting spicy!   


Nick Lateur and special guests join us to help solve a mystery. Where did the term "tumbler" come from when referring to a beverage container or "drinking vessel?" 

Snugz USA

We are lucky to know some excellent promotional product and apparel supplier companies in our industry.


Pretty high up on our list is Snugz USA! Why? The people. The culture. The creativity. And of course, epic branding and killer marketing. That made us want to show a few strong examples...

Mandi Rudd
Brand Energy Marketing

Few people are as committed to the power of promotional products incorporated into purpose and special causes than Mandi Rudd from Brand Energy Marketing. In this episode, Mandi shares her passion and experience from three specific examples of responsible sourcing, branding, purpose, and fundraising. 

Ryan Moor


In this TACOS with Jay and Jeff session, we feature Ryan Moor from Allmade. Ryan and his team have successfully built the Allmade brand creating a quality, responsibly sourced, eco-friendly product.


Here, Ryan shares what they have been doing to continue their mission.  

There is good stuff here! 

Tacos with Jay and Jeff Spotlighting Liquid Death


Before exploring the KILLER brand story of Liquid Death, we touch on some...read more.

TACOS with Jay and Jeff Featuring Russell Bird

This TACOS with Jay and Jeff session features PromoKitchen Chef Russell Bird from The Promo Addict and You Need a BBQ. In addition to being a PK Chef, he is an actual competition chef. 

Wayne L. Greenberg

What do you do to stay relevant after 35 years in the promotional products business? A complete REBRAND, of course! Join us for some tasty tacos as we discuss rebranding, epic marketing, and share some wisdom ..read more.

Ryan Moor

Allmade - SanMar

TACOS with Jay and Jeff LIVE on PromoCorner featured Ryan Moor from Allmade - SanMar.  It was an epic show talking about Tesla, epic branding, and the amazing work being done helping others in Colorado. 

Johanna Gottlieb

Axis Promotions

The successful companies in our branded merchandise and promotional product world are NOT ordinary. Axis Promotions, powered by HALO Branded Solutions, is 180 degrees from ordinary and has the X factor. So does Johanna Gottlieb!! 

Alison Banholzer

Wear Your Spirit Warehouse

We got another TACOS with Jay and Jeff session LIVE on PromoCorner done. This session with Alison Banholzer from Wear Your Spirit Warehouse was a hit.  As a military wife, her success story is an inspiration. We covered some good stuff. Grab a TACO and enjoy it. 

Cola Svec

Soul & Swag, Inc.

We had WAY too much fun sharing epic branding and marketing with Cola Svec on

PromoCorner’s TACO's with Jay and Jeff LIVE! Check out what the creative folks at Soul & Swag, Inc. pulled off. 

Sweda, Dan Nevins

Wounded Warrior Project

"If it doesn't challenge you – it won't change you." Join us for an extraordinary, extended session of TACOS with Jay & Jeff. Learn how the relationship between Kellie Claudio, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Sweda, and Dan Nevins, spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior Project developed.  

Roger Burnett


In this episode, Roger Burnett, co-founder of PromoCares. He shares how part of his work is in the alignment and connection of commerce with purpose through the responsible merchandising of promotional products and decorated apparel.  Suppliers that are making a difference, like Sweda USA and Allmade-SanMar

Mondays, With Nick

The marketing folks at Imagen Brands have seriously raised the marketing bar for our industry. Here we put the spotlight on their efforts to provide timely resources, education, and entertainment to distributors.


Stacey Carey

SAC Branding

Stacey Carey, the owner of SAC Branding, is a fighter and a giver!  Stacey happened to send us our first TACOS with Jay and Jeff fan letter. Not only is she a fan of tacos and branded merch, but she’s also a fan of serving her community.  Watch as this young entrepreneur serves her way into better connections and grows her business.

Jay & Jeff

Branding and Marketing

In this episode, Jay & Jeff go deeper into branding and marketing.  No special guests in this episode...just two taco freaks who realize after years in the promotional product, branded merchandise and decorated apparel worlds, that most businesses don't have a Style Guide.  If they had a Style Guide, their branding and marketing would be aligned and more effective.  

Introduction to Tacos With Jay and Jeff

In this introductory segment, Jay and Jeff answer the question, why tacos? 

There's other valuable information here, including how the taco relates to branding. 

Don't miss this first show and the segments that are coming!

TACOS with Jay and Jeff Live

with Special Guests!

They weren't kidding when they said, "We go where the tacos take us!" This is a Special Edition of TACOS LIVE with Jay and Jeff Show on PromoCorner.  This is the first “on location” show with Jay Busselle and Jeff Solomon. They were lucky to have two very special guests join them!

PromoKitchen Chef

Charity Gibson

Many of you know PromoKitchen Chef Charity Gibson as the National Accounts Coordinator at Peerless Umbrella. But have you met Charity Poppins yet? You will in this episode of TACOS, and she’s practically perfect in every way!

Mollia Zezzo

Follow the Son

This TACOS with Jay and Jeff LIVE show on PromoCorner featuring Mollia Zezzo from Follow the Son was the perfect year-end pre-Christmas show! ..read more.

Jill Albers


Let's TACO 'bout epic branding with our special guest Jill Albers from ba-bam... BAMKO!  It's time to push the boundaries and get creative in this episode of TACOS with Jay & Jeff.


Jill reminds us to surprise and delight our customers with experiences and magical marketing.​

Luke Sigle

Vernon Company

Here's TACOS with Jay and Jeff LIVE on PromoCorner with Luke Sigle from the Vernon Company. Hear how Luke is building his business in today's world.

Jeremy Picker

AMB3R Creative

Nobody NEEDS another T-shirt, another mug or another hat… so why are they going to buy this branded merch?" asked Jeremy Picker. Because "they WANT to have an experience with that brand."  Jeremy Picker is the CEO and Creative Director at AMB3R Creative. Jeremy is also a Master Brewer of Merch for Pub & Grub Creative...read more.

Sarah Spratt

Third Power Promotions

Tacos are in the news!! Our inspiring guest Sarah Spratt, owner of Third Power Promotions, shared some breaking news from Taco Bell of Canada. 

The Ridgers

Maple Ridge Farms

How many suppliers can say that they have shipped on-time over 99.99% of all orders since 1979?  We only know of one, and on this fine Taco Tuesday, we are delighted to shine the light on our friends…the "ridgers" at Maple Ridge Farms!

Karie Cowden

Connect the Dots Promotions

She will teach you how to spell "Tchotchke" and why our channel of advertising is not "knickknacks, baubles, lagniappes, or trinkets and trash.” Our guest today is Karie Cowden. Karie is the President and Founder of Connect the Dots Promotions, a board member of PromoCares, and the podcast hostess of PromoCares Radio.

Jessica Gibbons-Rauch

Jessica Gibbons-Rauch knows branding and trends matter!  Here she shares how she combines killer content with themes to create emotions and be more memorable.


Jessica loves when she can find quality images and mentions appreciating the photos HUB Pen, and Peerless have available. 

Danny Rosin, Robert Fiveash

Brand Fuel

The co-founders of Brand Fuel, Danny Rosin & Robert Fiveash, couldn't resist tasty TACOS with Jay & Jeff! 


Danny & Robert are passionate about our industry, the effective use of branded promo products, giving back, and fundraising for nonprofits.

Mel Lay


In this episode, Jay, Jeff, and Mel Lay get into a lively discussion about TACOS.  

Mel also shares about her experience on Shark Tank and battle with Target.

We learn about the Mom Shop

Community, the power of social media, hangtag branding, cause marketing, and what's happening with Allmade.

Here's a Shout Out to Suppliers Mentioned That are Doing Good Stuff...
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