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We invite you to join us for Coffee and Conversation with special guests.  These are casual conversations where we discuss a variety of topics. We don't know where the discussions will go.  

Grab a cup of coffee...or the beverage of your choice and enjoy!

Coffee & Conversation with Todd Pottebaum,President of Quality Resource Group

It was a pleasure to share Coffee & Conversation with 2021 PPAI Board Chair Todd Pottebaum and President of Quality Resource Group, a member of the Reciprocity Road group of distributors. Todd led the team that hired PPAI’s new President and CEO, Dale Denham.

Paul Bellantone and Rick Greene from HALO

Jeff Solomon tracked down Paul Bellantone in California! Here he shares Coffee & Conversation with Paul and HALO Regional VP Rick Greene.

PPAI Interim President Bob McLean

In this Coffee & Conversation interview, FreePromoTips publisher Jeff Solomon talks with interim PPAI President and CEO Bob McLean, who has a few letters after his name, CPA, CAE, CEM.

 Tom Goos
Image Source

Past PPAI Board Chair from Image Source, Tom Goos, joins FreePromoTips publisher Jeff Solomon to talk about how the disciplines of fitness apply to business and much more. 

Wayne Greenberg
Swag Krewe - Geiger

It was a pleasure to share Coffee & Conversation with PPAI Hall of Famer Wayne Greenberg from Swag Krewe - Geiger.  We talk about their rebranding initiative, thought on what's happening in the industry, and the value of hard work.  "The harder you work, the luckier you get. Work hard and get lucky." 

Tim Andrews

In this video PPAI President and CEO, 

Paul Bellantone and FreePromoTips Publisher, Jeff Solomon cover a variety of topics, from running...slowly, to what he would want to do if things were "normal."

Coffee & Conversation with Kevin Walsh, Showdown Displays

In this conversation with Kevin Walsh, President of Showdown Displays and PPAI Board member, we discuss ways Showdown has adapted to today’s current business environment. We also talk about supply chain issues, the process of hiring Dale Denham to lead our Association, and thoughts for the future.

ASI Chairman
Norman Cohn

Having a Coffee & Conversation with industry icon, Norman Cohn, Chairman of the Advertising Specialty Institute was an honor. Norman has some fascinating stories to share. Here Norman shares how he went from selling turkeys to advertising specialties, a story about the Holocaust that made Jeff cry, and more. Grab a cup of coffee or the beverage of your choice and enjoy.

Marc Simon
HALO Branded Solutions

In this Coffee & Conversation video, FreePromoTips publisher Jeff Solomon talks with HALO Branded Solutions CEO Marc Simon...

Brandon Mackay


It was a pleasure to share Coffee & Conversation with Brandon Mackay from SnugZ USA.  Get the inside scoop between marketing and sales battle over llamas at the PPAI Expo

Dave Regan


It was a pleasure to share coffee and conversation with industry veteran Dave Regan from Vernon. He jokes that he parks his car in Harvard Yard (Cambridge, MA) and lives in Iowa.


We talk about his family, his dog, and how COVID-19 is impacting his life. 

Rod Brown


Rod Brown, past PPAI board member and leader of MadeToOrder, shares some personal thoughts on this season from his beautiful island home in Washington. Rod offers on-target suggestions on getting through this crazy season. What he does away from the office is an inspiration to me.  

Coffee & Conversation with Jo-an Lantz, President of Geiger

It was a pleasure to share coffee & conversation with Geiger President

Jo-an Lantz. 

Michele Bell, ASI

It was a pleasure to share Coffee & Conversation with the engaging Michele Bell, Vice President of Editorial, Education & Special Events from the Advertising Specialty Institute. We talked about several things, including having a good time at trade shows, the value of relationships, giving back, and the state of the industry.

 Rick Brenner. 
RFBrenner LLC

Rick Brenner is a past Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Board Member as well as past President and CEO of Prime. Over coffee, we talk about music and its connection to our lives. 

Mary Jo Tomasini

Competitive Edge

In this Coffee & Conversation video, past PPAI Board Chair and CEO of Competitive Edge, Mary Jo Tomasini shares her thoughts on working Paul Bellantone. 

Mark Graham


It was a privilege to have coffee with Mark Graham from commonsku. We talked about Oscar, their CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), the current business environment, and what's happening with commonsku.  


Paul Bellantone

We invite you to join us for Coffee with Paul Bellantone, President, and CEO of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).  Paul and FreePromoTips Publisher Jeff Solomon cover a variety of topics, from running...slowly, and what his favorite running shoes are, too.