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Check out these great videos from our Mid America Tour in the Minneapolis area supporting PPAI's GET IN TOUCH! campaign.  Not only will you see some amazing people showing you their companies, but you'll see how these companies pour their collective souls into making sure you get the best they have to offer.


Fields Manufacturing is one of the few lanyard suppliers that spin their own lanyard material in-house. This is a machine is cool to watch!


Here's something you won't see anywhere else! Matt Wagner shares a bit about the Fields' story AND plays guitar! Enjoy!


Andy from Fields Manufacturing shows how they make their unique "Business Card in a Bottle" for us in this interesting video.

Our visit to the Webb Company was very memorable. Dan had a few things planned that took us by surprise. 

In an amazing, and risky move, Dan Webb, at Webb Company let Jeff operate a laser printer.

You can see it happen in this short video. 


See how Webb prints mints. They did some 

personalized mints for

GET IN TOUCH! that were great!

Dan Webb, from the Webb Company, gives some background on the Webb Company, who they are, and how they are able to better help you in all your branding needs.

These Bluetooth charger speakers from The Magnet Group were a blessing on this week-long journey.

Thanks, Ray Jimenez for hooking me up.

Check out this short video clip as we follow Kevin Walsh through the Showdown Showroom.  See why they are the leader in the signs and display category. 

In this video, Patricia Hellings, Director of
First Impressions
Showdown Displays, shares about their support of the "Common Hope" program.  

In just two minutes Kevin Walsh from Showdown Displays shows us the 5 steps that go into producing a dye sublimated product. 

See how Showdown Displays works in a perfectly regulated humidity and temperature controlled environment that impacts the quality of their products. 

Kevin Walsh of Showdown Displays explains here that it's through their core values that they deliver Great Products and Legendary Customer Service

In this short video, we see how Crystal D does subsurface laser printing. Crystal D is Home of "The WOW Effect" and this is one of the reasons why. 

President Chuck Dahlgren shares from his heart and you can see how passionate he is. When you are looking for recognition products, look at Crystal D.

Becca and Cathy from Crystal D share their passion for their community outreach program. Worth noting is how they tie this message directly to the Crystal D message.


Here's a short video clip showing how you can offer some great specially branded apparel to your clients from Storm Creek.

Here’s an “inside look” of the team at Storm Creek putting together the beautiful sign that Showdown Displays made for this trip. It was a team effort!

In this short video, Teresa shares a bit about Storm Creek values. This is really an awesome apparel company...and they saved me from an early season cold spell.

In this short video, Eric Johnson from ID Line tells us how their production capabilities enabled them to be a hero for a distributor.

ID Line rocks!


In this short video, Eric Johnson of ID Line shows us some of the many products they produce that continue to stand the test of time.  

ID Line is a family business.  They are family that work with family.  They consider their clients to be family, as well, which is why they will work hard for all your branding needs.


In this short video, we see how the industry's leading golf supplier Ball Pro does it. They print tees fast!  This is truly a mesmerizing machine.  

Ball Pro really has their act together.  Here, they go over their Golf Tournament Kits, designed to help you raise more money when using a Golf Tourney as your fund-raiser.

Here, we see the dye sublimation process used at Ball Pro on one of our towels to commemorate our visit.  It really is a very interesting process.

Executive.  Golf.  Game.  Have three words ever sounded so good together?  Tony at Ball Pro shows the process for creation of such an amazing product.  Fore!!

In this video, we put together a compilation of thoughts from suppliers we visited.  PPAI is investing in sharing the power of promotional products.

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