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Advocates for the Industry is a community focused on working together to help each other succeed.  The hub for activity is our Facebook Group.  We invite you to join the Group and share any content you feel would be relevant to the Community. 


The "Living Room" is where family and friends sit down to discuss business, life and have fun.  Here is where "AI Living Room TV Shows reside.  

Take a seat, grab the beverage of your choice, a snack and enjoy "AI: Advocates for the Industry Living Room TV."
(Snack suggestion: TACOS are always a win!) 

Cliff Quicksell and Kevin Walsh in the Advocates for the Industry "Living Room

PPAI Hall of Fame member Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, and Kevin Walsh, CAS, Showdown President, gather in the Advocates for the Industry "Living Room to discuss a few relevant topics. You may be surprised to learn the one thing that has driven Cliff's success...


PPAI Expo Memories



The Promotional Products Association International Expo LIVE is coming in January! There are many great memories of this iconic industry gathering. For those wanting to get fired up about Expo 2022, we asked a few folks to share some of their fondest Expo memories.

Catching Up with ASI's Tim Andrews from the ASI Show Chicago...

We caught up with Advertising Specialty Institute President and CEO Tim Andrews, who, like many, was very excited about The ASI Show Chicago. 

Five Minutes for YOU 

Do something good for yourself!  Take 5 Minutes for YOU with Roni Wright.

2022 PPAI Award Winners Brandon Mackay and Peter Hirsch

Join us in the Advocates for the Industry "Living Room" with 2022 PPAI Award Winners Peter Hirsch from Hirsch Gift and Brandon Mackay from SnugZ USA.

Real World Insights with Logomark CEO, Trevor Gnesin on the State of the Industry

Logomark CEO Trevor Gnesin and Nate Kucsma from the Advertising Specialty Institute discuss their State of the Industry Report in the AI: Advocates for the Industry "Living Room."

Wine - Down TO THE WEEKEND 5-21-21

This is the first "Advocates on the Industry" Wine - Down TO THE WEEKEND event. 

 Lock Down Libation

It's so nice that friends are willing to share their special recipes. Here Rod Brown shares his Lock Down Libation.

Words of Wisdom with 2022 PPAI Award Recipients, Sherri Lennarson & Dave Regan

Join 2022 PPAI Hall of Fame inductee Sherri C. Lennarson, retired Senior VP of Business Development at Bankers Advertising Company, and Distinguished Service Award recipient David Regan, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Vernon Company...

Nate Kucsma from ASI on the 2021 State of the Industry Report

“Whatever you think you know, about the year you don’t know.” Nate Kucsma from the Advertising Specialty Institute shares about the ASI State of the Industry Report.

The Buddy System AI Living Room 4-29-21

Suppliers & Distributors chat in the “Advocates for the Industry" Living Room"

ASI Show Memories and Hot Dogs...

While we can't be at The ASI Show in person, or any show these days, a few industry characters shared hot dogs and memories from past ASI Shows. 

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