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Your Style Guide


Let’s talk about branding!

Let’s talk about branding and marketing.

Let’s talk about purpose fueled branding and creative marketing that leads to SALES.


What is Branding?
Smart marketers have shared a variety of opinions and thoughts on the definition of a brand.
Here are some things to consider:


Your brand is not your logo.

Your brand is not what you make or sell

Your brand is not a product.


Your brand is your style.

Your brand is your promise.

Your brand is how you make me feel.


Many business owners and salespeople in our industry make a mess of this. They need their ROI. They are starving for sales! With that pressure, they decide on a special offer, create a discount, slap some marketing together, fire off a few emails, drop a few social media posts…and wait for the orders to roll in. The reality is that even when the economy is roaring that approach rarely works. And if they did get lucky with a few orders, it’s not consistent or sustainable!

Take the time now to reset, shift, pivot, change, adjust, and transform.
You, your business, your style, your promise, and how you make your target audiences feel. 


Here are NINE areas to work on. Start now. Start today!


 1. Your Story – your why; why did you start this business, or why do you sell branded merchandise, promotional products and/or decorated apparel?

 2. Your Style – your personality; identify the character of the company. Is it playful and lighthearted or serious and sober? Vintage or modern? Economical or luxury? 

 3. Your Logo – your symbol. There are 3 main logo classifications.  Abstract symbols (like the apple in the Apple Computer logo) or Logotypes, a stylized rendition of your company’s name (like the Home Depot logo), and finally, a Combination of the first two (like the Mercedes-Benz logo). When was your logo designed? Did a professional designer create it? Maybe it’s time for a logo makeover?

 4. Your Theme – your icons; themes and icons help pin down your story graphically.

 5. Your Voice – your language; figure out how your brand will speak in writing and in when speaking (as in answering an email or answering the phone). Is it formal or relaxed? Is it rated PG or R?

 6. Your Delivery – your shipping; Do you have custom packaging, shipping products, shipping tape, and custom printed boxes?

 7. Your other touchpoints – Is your branding aligned everywhere somebody can see your business, like: promotional products, direct mail, business cards, social media platforms, and videos.

 8. Your Advocates – your system; do you have a referral system and a consistent way to capture testimonials when happy clients brag about you? 

 9. Your Review – avoid mistakes and review the process quarterly to yearly.


Are you ready to reset, shift, pivot, change, move, adjust, and transform?
Consistently working on the 9 steps listed above will help your business thrive in a challenging business environment. 

If you want to take a deeper dive and invest in Jay’s “Your Style Guide, The Roadmap to Better Branding,”
a 50+ page guide and workbook, click here now.

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