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AI:  Advocates for the Industry

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AI has one goal: Working together for the success of the promotional marketing industry. 


Our world and industry have changed radically. Change and challenges create opportunities. Those who embrace this new environment will adapt and thrive. We can all support and encourage each other in this evolving marketplace.


A diverse group of industry thought leaders have been discussing the need for a new communication tool. From these discussions, AI was created. Advocates for the Industry is a unique community that focuses on supporting all that is good within our industry while addressing relevant industry topics. 

A variety of people will share relevant content and offer inspirational messaging. We will present topics of interest to discuss and feature special guests. 


We invite you to join our Facebook Group

Together we will facilitate useful, engaging dialog that will benefit our personal and professional lives.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have.  

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Working Together  for the Success of the Promotional Marketing Industry

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