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In an industry based on product and price, our “Character Counts” feature puts a spotlight on a supplier’s company culture and values. There are many suppliers in our industry. What makes a good supplier great? We believe that a strong company culture, integrity, and character translates into a positive buying experience for distributors. 


In this section, we will be featuring video and comments from our team of Suppliers, that support the all the positive things FreePromoTips and our related programs do for our industry. These are suppliers you can trust.
We encourage you to look at their lines and how they can help you be a more valuable resource for your clients. 

PLEASE NOTE: This a NEW feature. More suppliers and information will be featured. 

“Company culture and values, where do you begin?  How many cliché quotes can you string together from a leader of a company that talks the talk but their actions don’t back it up?
As the world becomes more stressful, it makes life at home and work more stressful; they are all connected with each other. More companies are almost being forced to create a culture and atmosphere at work that helps with employee retention and helps people find some peace where they spend most of their waking hours.

"My grandfather had a print shop in the basement of his house. He was approached to buy a RF heat sealing business. He bought the equipment and started the new business in 1965, which made vinyl products via RF heat sealing.  A couple of years later we became part of Specialty Advertising Association International (SAAI) which was the prior name of PPAI. Through the years we have grown organically and through acquisitions which include: Reflectix, Mi Line (Molenaar) and Magna-Tel.  


Fey Industries is blessed to have a high number of dedicated, long-term team members.  We have a prestigious group called Club Twenty-Feyve which are team members who have been with us for 25 years or more. We have an amazing group of people that deliver a hard work ethic and kindness of a small, midwestern town.

"The success of any company is really based on the quality of the staff, the training, the integration of the “mission” in all areas.  From administration to product development, quality control in purchasing, compliance and manufacturing, and to production and then shipping, if all oars aren’t pulling in the same direction, with the same understanding of the goal, the highest potential for our growth and success will never be achieved.  

We Feature Great Products

from Great Suppliers!

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