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SuccessFit4Life!™ will enable you to create new business opportunities, enhance relationships with current clients, generate sales leads and sell more products. In today's evolving marketplace distributors need to become more relevant to clients. This program enables distributors who want to move past selling "stuff" to offer their clients something the benefits them in many ways. YOU can make it happen for them!

The SuccessFit4Life! WELLNESS PROGRAM uses promotional products as incentives for achieving goals.

SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS raise money for worthy causes. Branded products included in attendee gift bags give sponsors recognition long after the event ends.  

WELLNESS PROGRAMS...Fit for Opportunity


A syringe pen will not make your business healthy, but knowing how to create wellness programs can bring robust new business opportunities your way.


Learn more about the sales opportunities in the wellness market in this feature article we put together for PPAI's PPB Magazine!

The SuccessFit4Life! Program Consists of Four Components:
1- SuccessFit4Life! Custom Branded Distributor Website (As the hub for your program)
2 - Optional End-User Website (As the hub for your client's program)
3 - The SuccessFit4Life! WELLNESS CHALLENGE Program
4 - SuccessFit4Life! Fund Raising EVENTS


The Program Includes a Custom Branded SuccessFit4Life! Website 

  • This is the hub for you to sell this program. It features wellness content, information on the wellness challenge platform and an online incentive products store tied to a DistributorCentral account.

  • Products are used as incentives for achieving WELLNESS CHALLENGE goals and in gift bags used in fundraising EVENTS.

  • Here's a the link to a distributors SuccessFit4Life! website

  • The custom branded SuccessFit4Life! Distributor Website includes a selection of products from quality suppliers with the option of adding suppliers and products of your choice.

SuccessFit4Life! Custom Branded Website for Your Clients Can be Added:

  • This optional component can be the hub for your client's program. It also features wellness content and the WELLNESS CHALLENGE platform link.

  • The website branded for your clients can include a blog to create engagement within your client's organization. 


Wellness challenge platforms can be very expensive. We like DailyEndorphin for its flexibility and low cost. The program includes Android and iOS apps. It works with popular tracking devices, is HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and is customizable to meet the needs of your clients. If you find something else you prefer, use it. SuccessFit4Life! cost-effectively gives you marketing materials and a template enabling you to offer Wellness Programs and Events to your clients. You can manage this however you like. 

SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS Create Sales Opportunities While Supporting Worthy Causes:

SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS promote wellness, raise awareness for businesses and organizations, create goodwill in your community and raise funds for the organization of your choice. 

Typical fundraising events can be costly to produce, taking away funds from the cause that everyone wants to support. In addition, the event sponsors recognition ends when the event is over. SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS enable a sponsor’s brand message to live on long past the event through useful branded products in a gift bag. Business relationships can be nurtured working with the organizations that are already supporting the designated cause.


SuccessFit4Life! gives you the information you need to offer clients Wellness Programs and Events, including marketing materials that can be personalized with your branding:

SALES Materials


SuccessFit4Life! EVENT Materials


  • Overview of fund-raising SuccessFit4Life!  EVENTS

  • Sample SuccessFit4Life! Liability Release Form that you can modify as needed


You also can choose to partner with your local Chamber of Commerce, or business group to generate additional sales opportunities.


We have put together the components that enable you to offer something of real value to your clients.
Not only are you positioned to sell products; this program changes lives.

See what PPAI President and CEO Paul Bellantone says about SuccessFit4Life! in this short video.

Contact us to learn how you will enhance relationships and grow your business with SuccessFit4Life! 

Sales Generating SuccessFit4Life! Program

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