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Praying for Better Days Ahead...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

These are crazy times! Many states are on lockdown. As the weeks roll on, we will need to create a "new normal" in our lives for a while. For whatever it's worth, here is a list of coping tools I'm using.

On an unrelated note, because pictures add to content, I have included a photo of cute puppies. Puppies make everyone feel better. #ADD

  • Despite these scary, unprecedented times, appreciate the blessings you have.

  • Connect with family and friends via text, e-mail, or social media.

  • We can still use the phone and talk to people. Phone a friend.

  • Limit the flow of news. (Be informed, but all-day consumption may not be helpful.)

  • Music is a blessing. Play that classic rock, or whatever music you loved from a simpler time.

  • Should you go out for what you need, be kind to others. We are all in this together.

  • Exercise. Keep moving. It's good for the mind and body.

  • Go outside when you can. Spring weather is coming, and that will be a blessing.

  • Eat well. I confess a few days ago I took out some Tommy's chili, which I perceive as comfort food I "felt" I needed. All in moderation, but generally, I'm trying to eat clean.

  • Be productive. Do the work you can, and get things done that you didn't have time for before life changed so radically.

  • Hang with your pets. We are dog people. Hoagie is a certified therapy dog who helps comfort people; now, he comforts us. Kona is a therapy dog in training. She comforts us.

  • Pray. For those with faith, now is our time to trust God. Throughout history, civilizations have made it through trying times. We are all part of history.

For all the government is doing, ultimately, this is out of our hands. It's scary and tragic, yet I have peace trusting in my faith. I believe good things will come out of this. Families and communities will grow closer. We'll see some idiots, but we will also see many acts of kindness.

Praying for better days ahead!

© 2020 Jeff Solomon, MAS



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