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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Meet Cedes!

Cede's family really has no idea how old she is and the first few days of bringing her home were a "Total nightmare".  Growling, barking and wouldn't give the time of day to anyone! Molly from Imagery Impressions considered giving her back but gave it one last shot and is so happy she did!

If you haven't heard this before, rescue dogs appreciate anything you do for them and are so grateful to have a warm home and cozy bed.

One of Cede's favorite promo toys is her stuffed animal, Chandler, whom she sleeps with every night. With a mom in the promo industry, she gets lots of toys to share with her friends! Don't tell Molly's other pets, but Cedes has stolen her heart and soul!#pettails #stoleourheart


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