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Money Will Buy Some Cool Stuff!

Of course, we all know money will buy some cool stuff…BUT…

I don’t know about the BUT to that line, but I’ll figure that out through this rant from my ADD world. If these musings are of interest to you, I invite you to read on.

Waiting for our car to be serviced, I foot cruised around the sprawling Galpin Motor Sports campus. This dealership offers several high-end luxury brands and serious customizations, along with the cars that most of us drive and enjoy.

Here we have a striking Aston Martin. How nice would it be to own, or simply drive this thing? Money will buy some cool stuff!

A 700 horsepower “Do Not Touch” Mustang! I think in its soul this car does want to be touched and driven…hard. Money will buy some cool stuff!

What can you say about a Ford Raptor truck like this? Most of us hate parking next to these huge vehicles that may define macho for some, BUT…money will buy some cool stuff!

Toys like this are great and a blessing to those who have them. Most of us won’t have them, yet we still lead fun, productive and fulfilling lives. We love our cars..

My family is far from financially rich and depending on how you see it; we are far from being poor. My life is rich, in part through what I share in a commentary addressing friends and community.

In my rich life, I’ve come to appreciate simple things that are not all that expensive. Recently, I was using a simple, but very useful kitchen tool that we never had before. I thought that we might not have spent the few bucks this Pampered Chef item cost if we weren’t “rich.”

Another luxury is the fair trade, responsibly sourced coffee that comes from a Trade Coffee subscription. Every two weeks I receive amazing coffees from boutique roasters around the country. Shipping is free, and the average cost is about $30.00 a month.

I’m a member at Cigar Clientele, where I hang out with a diverse group of friends and enjoy cigars. It’s a comfortable place to watch sports and get out of the office to work. I’m writing this piece from one of our work stations. Business is done here. It's a nice place to meet with like minded clients.

For some odd reason, when I was cleaning our garage, I came across my old golf stuff and thought about playing golf again. Golf takes time, and I never felt I had that kind of time. However, I’ve realized the benefits this can have for me personally and professionally. Taking that time seems to make sense at this stage in my life. I made a modest investment in some gently used Callaway golf clubs and became a member at Vista Valencia, a local golf course. They give me free driving range balls and discounts on playing. Enjoying the simple pleasure of being outside on a beautiful course with friends is a rich and rewarding experience. At this level, golf is not all that expensive. It's not Pebble Beach!

The running, hiking and cycling I do to stay active cost nothing beyond a nominal investment in the shoes and bike, which could be very expensive. Mine isn’t.

Delicious coffee, membership to Cigar Clientele and the Vista Valencia Golf Course cost me about $100.00 a month total, and I feel I’m living large. Money will buy some cool stuff. AND it doesn’t need to be a lot of money.

There are many things money can’t buy. Faith, family, friends, and health come quickly to mind.

We all are at different places in life. This ADD fueled rant comes down to the random thoughts rolling around my head reflecting on gratitude and appreciating what I have. Life is a journey filled with all kinds of challenges. There are joyful seasons and times of sorrow. Understanding that and being content is a blessing. Money for the most part has little impact on these seasons.

It’s true that money will buy some cool stuff. The final BUT for this commentary is that money CAN’T buy the peace that comes through accepting and appreciating what we have.

Keyboard drop.

© 2019 Jeff Solomon, MAS


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