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For years, I’ve written business-focused articles. When I created our Promotional Product Association International (PPAI) Award Winning program back in 2006, there was not much business-building content being published in the promotional marketing industry. Now, there are many outstanding sources for written content, podcasts, and video.

While I still have plenty to say on business matters, I’m cutting back on that content in exchange for sharing more personal reflections. This is illustrated in my commentary I Get by With a Little Help from My Friends.” In today’s content-rich, multi-media saturated society, I’ve committed to sharing material that may have some value to those interested in my ADD rants.

FreePromoTips was an earlier adopter of video and created the popular video website, that spotlights branded products from some great suppliers. Through the years we have shared informative content from a variety of sources. Our “Deep Thoughts from Industry Leaders” video series offered insights into issues that matter.

Recently, we put together “Inside Look” videos from suppliers in the Minneapolis area, in support of PPAI’s GET IN TOUCH! Campaign. While we showed products in production, in a few videos we address the heart and passion of these businesses. You can see some of these videos here. My commentary on the trip that started with a visit to Substance Church in a historic building, to attending a Vikings game before flying back home is featured here.

Looking back on our body of video work, I realized that some of what we were doing showcasing products has been done for a while. With today’s technology, many do an excellent job of producing that type of video. We saw a need to do something fresh.

Sometimes you stumble into something extraordinary. The story of how “The Pitchman” came about is something so real and crazy I could never make it up. We document what happened in my commentary Coke or Kale? It’s a good read.

The Pitchman Show brand changes our video game. The Show “pitches” products in a personality-driven, entertaining way. The Pitchman YouTube Channel is growing in subscribers and videos are receiving thousands of views.

Featured companies receive a video they can use however they like. Companies reach thousands through the YouTube channel and our YourPromotionSolution website.

We can also promote ANY product or service in any industry and enable them to reach a significant audience.

On a personal note, “The Pitchman Show” is a blessing for those involved. The Show is fun to produce with my quick-witted friend Mark “Sales Boy” Fortier. Our Video Production Team is awesome. Studio security guards Kona and Hoagie create a productive atmosphere. We’re having a blast! A few of you may want to be part of it. Let us “pitch” your products!

I’m at a time in my life where I want to do work that matters. This is a common theme of prominent business thought leader, Seth Godin. The wacky Pitchman Show might not seem like work that matters, but it is. We are reaching 1000’s of people showing viewers things they most likely won’t see anywhere else. Hello! That matters to those who want to share products or tell their brand story to thousands of people.

Wow! ADD in action! I started this piece addressing personal reflections and moved into an advertorial for The Pitchman Show. That’s OK. My musings are personal writings of what’s rolling around in my head. Who knows where I could go next? If this of interest, more is coming. If not, there is a plethora of stimulating content available in an instant. Click somewhere else.

That said, I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and off the wall marketing strategies with you. To coin a classic phrase, “Thanks for listening.”

Contact me if you want to learn more about The Pitchman Show.

© 2019 Jeff Solomon, MAS


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