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What Can You Learn From an iD Bracelet?

I received the e-mail below from the CEO of Road iD, a niche company that is known for iD bracelets. These are a must-have if you are out hiking, running, biking or whatever. God forbid something happens to you, emergency contact information is available.

Most styles have an extra line for something personal like scripture verse or a phrase. A running friend of mine with a heart issue has this cute comment: "Stop my Garmin!" (It's a runner's joke.)

This e-mail was apparently sent to a large database since I don't know Edward, or should I say Mr. Wimmer, but it didn't come as a typical image focused e-mail/e-blast which gave it a personal look. It was a "real" e-mail.

FreePromoTips published a commentary on the difference between marketing and advertising. Here we address the benefits of ongoing, genuine communication with clients and prospects. We believe, the next generation of business will be built on a "community" that nurtures meaningful business relationships. Speaking to that, I thought this e-mail/marketing piece would be relevant to share.

Most of this speaks for itself, but I have bolded a few lines and added a few notes where I had something to add. Other than that, take it for what it's worth and consider what you can learn from an iD Bracelet. And by the way, having one of this is not a bad idea. Visit their website for more information.

From: Edward Wimmer - ROAD iD CEO <>

Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 9:14 AM

To: "Jeff Solomon, MAS" <>

Subject: The View from 30,000 Feet


I'm stuck in Detroit's airport...on my way to a running event. So, I'm going to use this as an opportunity to fill you in on what's going on at ROAD iD. So, here it goes...

It's hard to believe that ROAD iD turns 19 this year. I'm 40, which means that I've spent nearly half my life working tirelessly to achieve ROAD iD's dream: To see the day when wearing ID is as common as strapping on a seatbelt.

I'm happy to report that I'm as passionate today about ROAD iD as I was 19 years ago when my father and I launched this company from his leaky basement. Maintaining a high level of commitment all these years has been super easy thanks to the incredible stories that customers (like you) share with us about the impact ROAD iD has on their lives.

Slowing Down to Speed Up

At the end of 2017 I realized that we had been sprinting a little too hard for a little too long. Yes, we made some amazing progress and advanced our mission. But, sometimes, when you run too fast it becomes hard to focus on anything other than the speed at which you're moving. So, I paused to look around - to take stock of how well we were serving you - our extended ROAD iD family. I realized that, in the race to tell our important story to more people, we had inadvertently lost some of our mojo - that all-important special sauce that makes ROAD iD so amazing. In 2018, we're going to take a cue from Stella - we're going to get our groove back. Not every workout should be a sprint workout. So, we're going to slow down and refocus on delivering a product and experience so blindingly awesome that you can't help but share it.

Let me provide a glimpse of what to expect.

Even Better Experience

In terms of experience, we set the bar high. It's incredibly important to us that you enjoy your journey with ROAD iD. We really want to get to know you. We want you to know us. To that end, our ordering experience and customer service has always been personal, fun, witty, and memorable. In the early days, this high level of service really stood out because all other eCommerce companies really sucked at it. Most of them still do. Over the last few years, however, a few companies in varied industries finally figured out what we've known all along - that it's important to deliver an exceptional experience and back it with crazy-good customer service. Essentially, to treat you the way you want to be treated.

At ROAD iD, we don't like being "as good as" other companies. We want to be the best. So, this year, we're going to raise the bar on service and experience to new heights. If you're wearing socks, go ahead and duct tape them on...because we're going to try to blow them off.

Fewer emails

Over the last few years, we've sent you too many emails that added too little value to your already crowded inbox. In 2018 (and beyond), we're only going to send emails if they add value to your life. We're going to make you laugh, or smile, and maybe even cry. Instead of rushing to delete, you're going to say to yourself, "self, I should share this with everyone I know."

FreePromoTips Note: This is very relevant to our industry. How are we communicating with the market? When my wife saw this, she acknowledged that Road iD did send too many e-mails. She would choose not to order, waiting for the next “special.”

Laser-Focused Product Offering

Last year, we discontinued our lineup of high-visibility gear. "Hey morons, why would you sunset successful product," you ask? Simply put, at ROAD iD, it's never been about the money. We simply weren't passionate about reflective products.

We are, however, hyper-passionate about wearable ID. We're the best in the world at it. And, we want to continue to be the best in the world - because it's a product that saves and empowers lives. So, we're going to focus on it like never before.

In 2018, we're also going to focus our efforts specifically on our best and most loved ID products. This means that some of our more storied products (like the Fixx ID) and some of our newer products (like most of our Sidekicks) are being retired. We've assembled a complete list of products that will soon be discontinued. Please don't stress. We're sending these retiring family members to Florida to hang out with the Sony Walkman, Lawn Darts, and Crystal Pepsi.

Better Online Profile

Many of you have a ROAD iD that gives you access to an updateable Online Profile where you store loads of important ID, health, and medical information. This year, the Online Profile is going to get a much-needed overhaul. Right now, the Online Profile knob is at 7…ok a 6...maybe a 5. But, we're going to turn it up to 11. So, buckle up buttercup.

FreePromoTips Note: Consider the online experience you are presenting. It's surprising how weak some suppliers websites are. Some are not taking advantage of social media engagement that I believe is critical in today's marketplace. Promotional products suppliers and distributors are missing opportunities by not having a strong online presence and sharing relevant content.

A call to action. Your help is needed!!!!

Yes, that's 4 exclamation marks. For good reason - ROAD iDs are important. They literally save lives. Let me say that again - they literally SAVE LIVES! They also provide peace of mind that empowers you to go farther, to push harder, to make airplane arms and run up the street. Don't sit on this good news. Tell your friends and family about it.

Seriously, don't wait...tell them right now. It's important. An empowered life awaits. A saved life could result. If you have a friend or family member that is still running or cycling without ROAD iD, they're simply doing it wrong. Take 2 seconds. Think of someone that needs ROAD iD. Are you picturing their face? Good. Now tell them what ROAD iD means to you…and what it can mean to them. If they're cheapskates, you can send them this $10 Gift Card, so they don't have any excuses not to get one: PJ5U6S277T (can be used up to 5 times, exp. 3/31/18).

NOTE: If all your friends and family members already have a ROAD iD, simply post the gift card number on the bookface...or the chatsnaps, or the Insta. I believe in you. You can do it.

FreePromoTips Note: They are asking you to share their brand on Facebook, Snap Chat and Instagram. We do this for our FreePromoTips suppliers. Social sharing where we are using their products in the “real world” have a good reach. Everyone could be sharing products they like from suppliers they know and trust.

Thanks for reading my long email. I hope you found it valuable in some way.

Unrelated, my flight was delayed for 7 hours. That's gave me ample time to write this note.

Go outside and have some fun…

What can you learn from an ID bracelet? You'll learn you can have access to emergency information when you need it, but the business question here, is what you can learn from this ID Bracelet company? Grab what you connect with from their marketing approach and implement what is relevant to improve your business.

© 2018 Jeff Solomon

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