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You Are Not a Nuisance!

Here’s an important reminder about what you represent to your clients. You represent the single best advertising medium on the planet! Yes, don’t forget that promotional products are a very valid advertising medium. And, it is the ONLY ADVERTISING MEDIUM THAT IS NOT CONSIDERED A NUISANCE!

No one wants more banner ads, email blasts, television ads, radio ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, junk mail, billboards. In fact the ONLY advertising that someone will “thank” you for is promotional products. How many times has someone called an advertiser after its ad interrupted their t.v. show and said, “Hey, I want to thank you for interrupting my show and blasting your message at me.”? Never.

And if an advertiser were willing to give 2 of its promotional products away to you, you’d say “thank you” even more. And if the advertiser asks you what you would do with a 2nd item, you’d likely say that you plan to give the 2nd one to your spouse or friend or parent or co-worker. “What? So if I double my advertising to you, you’d actually spread my message to someone else?” In the world of traditional advertising, that’s unheard of. Do you think anyone has ever called an advertiser after its ad interrupted their t.v. show and said, “Thanks for interrupting my show with your ad; would you please put on two ads tomorrow and interrupt my show even more?”

Yes, you represent the BEST advertising medium on the planet! You are not a nuisance.

© 2018 Ron Baron


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