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What's REALLY Important to You?

What’s important to you? Being successful? Having a loving family? Working in a rewarding career? Making a difference in people’s lives?

All these things are important to me, of course, some are more important. In life, we have choices and all of us have different, unique priorities. These priorities tend to change as we move through various stages of life.

When I created FreePromoTips in 2005, the goal was to help others in the promotional marketing industry like I have been helped. When I chose to add promotional products to my apparel decorating business, I was invited into a group of nurturing people who greatly enhanced my career. This was and continues to be a tight-knit group of industry professionals. We’ve shared life, sadly some death, and a variety of transitions along the road of life.

FreePromoTips was birthed from this community of like-minded people who just wanted to help each other. Like that group, FreePromoTips has continued to change as well, reacting to an evolving marketplace. Our video resource, was created to address the growing impact online video has in the in sharing the benefits of products and services.

Because social media positioning is critical today, we’ve worked diligently to build a “real” online audience across the major platforms. This is a good thing for our supplier supporters. Those with a good online presence appreciate that we extend their reach to places they can’t. for suppliers who don’t have a large audience, so we give them access to ours. Distributors like what we do because FreePromoTips offers useful, relevant content they can use in their business and personal lives.

We’ve been validated as a relevant, industry resource with our two PPAI Technology Award wins. What we are taking on now with SuccessFit4Life!™ is the most important project we’ve ever worked on. It’s about changing lives as mine has been changed.

SuccessFit4Life! was created to encourage people to succeed on life's journey...wherever they want to go. In the same way, a great group of people enhanced my business life, a great group of people has enriched my personal life. My friends from Runners Lane have been instrumental in my life changing.

Being a cripple for most of my life to completing half marathons has enabled me to appreciate the blessing of health, and the opportunity to experience life to its fullest. I’m not a young man and I believe that anyone, at any age can choose to change their life. If it’s of interest, you can follow my personal blog here.

There are all kinds of great quotes on encouragement, but here’s one that jumped out at me:

“When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you're making a commitment and difference in that person's life. Encouragement really does make a difference.” Zig Ziglar

SuccessFit4Life! has two sales generating components: WELLNESS PROGRAMS offer many benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes. EVENTS are a mixer type Fun Run/Walk with a fund-raising component that enables you to support the worthy causes of your choice.

At its core SuccessFit4Life! is about changing lives. That comes from motivating people to be more active and eating better. Ongoing wellness program research for businesses, notes that benefits include: enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees; reduced healthcare costs; decreased rates of illness and injuries; reduced employee absenteeism; improved employee relations and morale; and increased productivity. The SuccessFit4Life! WELLNESS PROGRAM was created to provide a simple, cost-effective tool to implement a wellness culture.

Typical fundraising events can be costly to produce taking away funds from the cause that everyone wants to support. In addition, the event sponsors recognition ends when the event is over. SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS enable a sponsor’s message to live on long past the event through useful branded products in a gift bag. Attendees will appreciate the collection of quality products they will receive for supporting the cause. By producing a lower cost informal event with a fun activity, most of the funds raised will go to the designated cause. In the process, we are focusing on health and wellness. Everyone wins!

Savvy distributors who want to create new business opportunities and enhance relationships with current clients can offer this innovative, sales generating program. Suppliers can also have their products featured on the SuccessFit4Life! Distributor Website Powered by Distributor Central.

Some may think the business is about making money. I believe that business is all about meeting our client’s needs and doing good stuff. If we do that, the money will come.

© 2017 Jeff Solomon, MAS

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