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Suppliers...Do You Want to Reach Quality Salespeople?

NEWS FLASH! The Marketplace is Changing.
How are You Changing Your Advertising/Marketing Strategies?


All these traditional mediums have their place, but consider what the PPAI Award Winning FreePromoTips program can do for you!  Our multi-faceted program enables you to cost-effectively reach the marketplace. 

Through, and the end-user focused Pitchman Show, you have the opportunity to connect with our large audience of savvy industry salespeople as well as their end-user buyers. 
Our E-Newsletter and Video Blog reach 40,000 industry contacts. We also regularly connect with 1000's through our social media network.




It’s now simple and cost-effective to create engaging short videos that distributors can easily share with their clients. Your product videos will be featured on the end-user safe video website and also shared with thousands through social media and in our e-mailed Video Blog.



The studio-produced Pitchman Internet TV Show enables suppliers to share their products in an entertaining, unique way to end-user buyers and distributors. End users who are interested will be directed to distributors through our website that features PPAI’s “Find a Promotional Consultant” tool.



Maximize your marketing dollars by extending the reach of your promotions. We share your sell sheets with the large audience through the Product Spotlight section on This maximizes your marketing dollars by extending the reach of your promotions with greater visibility.

Character Counts Horizontal.png



In an industry focused on product and price, what distinguishes you from the crowd? Let distributors know why working with you makes good business sense. spotlights our suppliers’ company culture and character that leads to a positive buying experience for a distributor.



In today’s marketplace, a social media presence is critical. If you have a social media reach, we will extend it. If you don’t, we will give you exposure to our large audience. Your products and message will be shared through our social media channels that reach well over 5,000 industry connections. 

Savvy Distributors LOVE What We Do!

In this two-minute testimonial video, a distributor shares why she loves and our end-user safe videos.  Jill clearly understands the positive impact of social sharing and has the Google analytics to back it what we do works!  

If you want people like this sharing your products with their clients, our program gives them access to them. 

Our Raving Fans Video, Features an Industry All Star Cast:

Check out our Raving Fans Video. Included are comments from PPAI Hall of Famer, Wayne Greenberg and Paul Kiewiet, past PPAI Board Members; Scott Siegel, Sherry Lennarson, along with Joe Scott and others. is Having a Positive Impact on the Industry:

"I've known Jeff Solomon for a number of years and have followed the development of his FreePromoTips program. Jeff has a passion for what he does and it shows. I've seen him give of his time to support PPAI and the regional associations. He covers current events at some of these shows and has provided valuable exposure for our association and members. The creative and diligent way he showcases products makes what he does differently from most other forms of advertising utilized in our industry today. I would urge you to look at and evaluate Jeff’s offering and consider if it benefits your go to market strategy." 
Rod Brown, CFO - MadeToOrder - Former PPAI Board Member



“We love because of its unique format, focusing on educational content, sharing information and facilitating dialog on important industry issues. We are thrilled to be associated with FreePromoTips and feel it gives us a unique position to connect with distributors who are looking for quality suppliers. Their end user video program is awesome! They make it simple and it's very cost-effective. Now distributors are able to easily show our products in short videos through social media and e-mail. This has greatly enhanced our marketing efforts!"  
Grethe Adams, President - Southern Plus

What We Do is Simple and Cost Effective...

Our Reach Statistics, Program Options and Pricing can be Found Here!

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