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 Kippie Helzel, Sr Vice President at CPS/Keystone discusses why character is important.

"The success of any company is really based on the quality of the staff, the training, the integration of the “mission” in all areas.  From administration to product development, quality control in purchasing, compliance and manufacturing, and to production and then shipping, if all oars aren’t pulling in the same direction, with the same understanding of the goal, the highest potential for our growth and success will never be achieved.  

AT CPS, all staff is trained to know that we are only as good as our last successful delivery of an accurate order, and that one “bad” order can have significant consequences for our customers, and in turn, for CPS.  

We have worked HARD to earn our 5 Star rating with ASI, our A rating with SAGE, and our three-year consecutive recognition by PPAI distributor members as a Supplier Star/Silver Pyramid winner.   When there is a mistake, we fix it with the most aggressive and fair solution possible.

We don’t take our customers for granted, EVER.  We appreciate every customer and every order, large or small, and I think that is why we have the ratings we do and the confidence of the thousands of distributors who count CPS/Keystone as their valued partner."

For more information, visit CPS Keystone

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