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Colemax New York iPhone Case
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The Colemax Group,  based in New Jersey, has been successfully manufacturing case solutions for mobile devices and phones since 1996. 

Imprinted mobile device cases and tablet cases are one of the fastest-growing categories in the promotional market.

Colemax Bamboo Tablet Stand.  PC-FNBAMST
Colemax Samsung Waterproof PC-SG6WATER .
Colemax MacBook Case.  HSLAPTOP. jpg.jpg
Colemax iPhone 11 Pro with CC Slot PC-iP

The ColeMax Group – We’re On The Case™

1. We specialize in cases, in the widest range of materials, ranging from inexpensive synthetics to the finest leathers available, and custom molded pieces.

2. We are in continuous communication with mobile device manufacturers, giving us advance notice, so we know well in advance about new devices and corresponding case specifications.

3. In addition to stock items, we design, develop, manufacture, and deliver custom cases to your clients, with outstanding decoration, at low minimums, in a 2-4 week time frame!

4. We will provide your clients with the cases they need – stock or totally custom – and guarantee that our cases will be the best fit and quality for tech devices you can offer to your client.

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