Industry Commentary

Building a Culture of Health...That Also Builds Business

Many companies are working on building a culture of health within their businesses. The benefits of wellness programs are well documented as shown in this infographic.

Dear Suppliers…a Love Note from Your Distributor Customer

Our industry is based on the relationships between suppliers and distributors. Let’s face it; both sides can be a bit dysfunctional. This commentary is a love note to our supplier partners. Most of us appreciate the relationships we have that are critical to our success. I wrote a piece a few years ago, that still is relevant entitled, Salute to Our Industry Hero’s. Suppliers do a fantastic job for us!

A Different Kind of Challenge

I divert from my typical, generally upbeat blog post style to be more candid, sharing a different kind of challenge.  Most of us have struggled through physical, personal, health and business problems. Somehow, we get through this stuff. In the real world, sadly some don’t survive whatever the battle is.

Challenges are where perseverance, character, and faith come into play.

What's REALLY Important to You?

What’s important to you? Being successful? Having a loving family? Working in a rewarding career? Making a difference in people’s lives?

All these things are important to me, of course, some are more important. In life, we have choices and all of us have different, unique priorities. These priorities tend to change as we move through various stages of life.

Sorry If This Offends You Part 2

After experiencing the two major January trade shows and talking with dozens of industry professionals, in this commentary I ask the question, is YOUR distributor or supplier business relevant? Sorry if this offends you. This is a follow up to my first commentary Sorry if This Offends You.

How’s That Working for You?

I’m recovering from attending two amazing trade shows - the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas and the ASI Show in Orlando. We are launching our sales generating SuccessFit4Life! program and it made sense for me to go to both. Suddenly I understand what some suppliers feel like!

What's Next
Image of post-it note saying "What's Next?"

As an old guy with a fused ankle reflecting on the completion of my second half marathon, I can honestly say there is satisfaction in completing a goal. It was a long 13.1 miles and I admit most people walk faster than I run, but that’s ok. Slow is better than not moving. I am proud of the goal I achieved. I hope you are ending your year positive about what you have accomplished both in your business and personal life.

Sorry if This Offends You…Part 1


I’ve been pondering writing this for a while. As you probably know, most of my commentaries touch on real-world industry stories, personal experiences, and general business topics. In this rant, I’m going to share some of my thoughts on the current state of the promotional products industry. Sorry if this offends you.  


True confession here. I’ve been crying a bit lately, and that’s not typical for me. This has been an interesting season. While I have been absorbed in all the things I do to make a living, an emotional nerve has been hit.

I see that many friends and industry colleagues have been taking their kids to college. This represents a change in life for kids and parents. I’m guessing many are also feeling emotional about leaving the son’s and daughter’s they have raised to become adults on college campuses.

The Value of Team


I find it odd that at this stage of my life, I'm hanging out with a bunch of athletes. These athletes are all sizes, ages, and shapes. These people accept me for who I am. 

Through my journey, I have accomplished many goals, the biggest physical goal is completing two half marathons along with a mud obstacle race and other athletic events. 

13.1 miles is a long way to go for an old guy like me! Finishing is a win and I have accomplished this win with support of my Team.

Relationships and Personal Connections Drive Sales

My good friend Glenda Stormes-Bice, MAS, is the editor of my rambling writings and helps keep my ADD thoughts on track. She is a great writer. I wanted to share a story she wrote because it’s so relevant to today’s marketplace. This is good stuff!

A couple weeks ago my Monday started with ink covered hands.

What I learned about UBER and More from the ASI Show…


Change is good, even for an old guy like me. At the ASI Show in Chicago, I had an eye opening experience regarding UBER. It was another real world experience where the lesson made me think about our industry.  

Business is Not Just About Making Money…

Merriam-Webster’s simple definition of business is
    The activity of making, buying, or selling goods or providing services in exchange for money
​    Work that is part of a job
    ​The amount of activity that is done by a store, company, factory, etc.

What Drives This Generation?

Reaching Millennial's and an evolving marketplace is of interest to many. The next generation of distributors, end-user buyers and suppliers will think differently from the older boomer generation, as well as Gen X and Gen & that currently make up a large part of the promotional products industry.

I Really Don’t Want to Sell this “Junk”. Do You?


The promotional products industry is under fire...again. This is becoming common, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Many TV stations have their “watchdog” type reporting segments where they reveal fraud and uncover what is perceived as being a misuse of funds. You’ve got the crooked car mechanic or the air conditioning company that recommends costly, unneeded repairs. These stories are interesting and do provide a service…but can miss the mark.