A Hot Dog Vendor Has a Timely Story to Tell

This is a story of timely relevance. It is about a hot dog vendor who could have made it big.
 He almost did, but then he lost his nerve. This man, lets call him Fred, suffered from poor eyesight, so he didn’t watch television or read the newspapers. He was also hard of hearing, so he didn’t listen to the radio either. But he made good hot dogs.

Every morning, at the crack of dawn, Fred visited the market where he stocked up with the best-quality sausages and the freshest rolls available. And before office commuters hit the streets on their way to work, he took up his position at a busy intersection.

“Lovely morning, Sir, don’t you want to buy a hot dog?” he would say when a man passed by. “You look especially lovely today, Madam, don’t you want to buy a hot dog?”he would call out to passing females. And because his stall looked clean and inviting and the smells that emanated from his sausage cooker were seductive, few passers-by could not resist.

Business was brisk, but Fred wanted more. He had a banner made that advertised his hot dogs and put it up between two street poles every morning. This meant that he had to get out of bed even earlier each day, but he didn’t mind because it drove sales upwards.

Incredible as it may sound, Fred made enough money from his hot dog stand that he could put his son through university followed by an MBA. When the boy had completed his studies, father and son set down to discuss the future. “You know, son,” Fred said, “I have never told anyone this but it has always been my dream to set up a chain of hot dog stands across the city, and perhaps even in cities and towns around the country. There could even be teams of part-timers to cover sporting events.

“Everyone loves good hot dogs, so I know that there is a market out there but I have never acted on my dream because, truth be told, I don’t think that I have the skills needed to manage a real big business. With you on my side, it would be a different ballgame, so what do you say?”

“You must be out of your mind, dad!” said the youngster. “Don’t you know that there is a recession on? People are losing their jobs, businesses are closing down everywhere and everyone who has a chance to leave the country does so. And in this climate do you want to expand?”

Fred was shocked to the core. He had spent his time selling hotdogs and business had been brisk as usual. He was so busy that he hadn’t even noticed that there was a recession brewing. But he reasoned that as his son had gone to university, was watching television, reading newspapers and listening to the radio, he must know what’s going on in the world.

This realization depressed Fred. He no longer bothered to put up his banner, and he stopped greeting people and inviting them to buy a hot dog. “What’s the use?” he reasoned, “there is a recession on, so people won’t buy anyway!” And quite soon, people stopped buying. The pile of sausages and bread rolls left over at the end of each day grew bigger; at first, Fred would give the leftovers away for free, but he soon started to keep them for the next day.

Eventually, Fred decided that it was no longer worth his while to run the hot dog stand. “My son was absolutely right” he said to himself, “there really is a recession on; I might as well cut my losses and pack up before I lose everything!”

What do you think?   Is it time to give up?   Of course not!

© 2012 Jeff Solomon, MAS – MASI


why wasn't i successful

Was I successful in purchasing (wily dog) hot dog business?
Jan 00) Mr. saied (as another hot dog vendor) who had already bought (unsuccessful wily dog hot dog business in front of a newly opened Canadian tire store located somewhere out of Barry Ontario) introduced me to Mr. William R Hodgskiss (as the owner of franchise wily dog hot dog business..
Feb 03 – 00) I had met Mr. Hodgskiss alone in a bar not far from the same Canadian tire store where (he took advantage of my need to get myself employed) and had me to sign his 10 +10 years option to renew franchise hot dog business agreement after (I had paid him close to $6,000 in cash).
Feb 15 – 00) a Polish looking man by the name of Jim had been sent by Mr. hodgskiss at job sight in order (to train me how to set up / prepare and sale hot dogs as well as to whom as the manager of the same Canadian tire store to pay the monthly rent to) and then I was on my own although Mr. Saied helped me with purchasing food & hot dog business product for a short period of time.
June 02) despite my lack of experience in running a hot dog business (with out even a vehicle to carry my loads in) and Mr. Hodgskiss (undisciplined high school student style attitude) pushing me to buy wily dog's (high rated food product) from a thired party with and wily dog's promotional items that (took too long to be received from his Kingston located office) plus wily dog's (hot dog shaped hot dog cart with no steamer or heavy enough to stand still against wind pressure) I had managed to run my hot dog business for almost 3 years with no delays either in either paying the same Canadian tire store rent or wily dog royalty until June 02 when Mr. Ali was introduced to me as hot dog vendor's assistant.
which happened to be around the time that (my left leg mussel was pulled in an accident).
July 02) I agreed to have Mr. Ali's to oprate my hot dog business and signed a permissible note among us after (confirming it with Mr. Hodgskiss in order to visit a chiropractor to have my left leg injured in an accident as a result of pulling my hot dog cart for unknown period of time).
Mr Ali and his gang of 5 family tactic of (washing the front of the same Canadian tire store where I was assigned to sale hot dogs in such a way that made every pedestrians & Canadian tire store customer to wonder (whether Hollywood celebrities were suppose to pass by) had already signaled that (Mr. Ali must have hopped to take over my hot dog business) but Mr. Hodgskiss 10 years agreement in my position couldn't even let Mr. Hodgskiss himself to sale me (like a chip date) had been my respond to my own question and (that's exactly I was wrong).

Oct 16 – 02) a) Mr. Ali's wife refused to pay me the amount of money that Me & Mr. Ali agreed upon referring me to see the same Canadian tire ex-store manager Mr. Chris Curry first. b) Mr. Curry by handing me a copy of Mr. Hodgskiss lease agreement said (Canadian tire store no longer needed me there to sale hot dogs).
Nov 12 - 02) in respond to Mr. Curry’s phone call Mr. Hodgskiss drove his car all the way from Kingston On to Toronto and got my (hot dog cart pad lock key) from Mr. Curry who (must have got it from Mr. Ali) and had (stolen) towed away my hot dog cart back to Kingston the same day Mr. Hodgskiss (take it & run) reaction rather than (helping me to find a reasonable solution to re-start selling hot dogs at least elsewhere) had lead me to discover that (he was running away from being prosecuted) because of his bad contract signed between him and Mrs. Lisa (the daughter of Mr. K.W. Mann as the dealer of the same Canadian tire store). The matter was reported to police on the same date.
April 03 - 03 I had to terminate my (2 instead of one as I expected lawyer's legal services in order to save $350 and $250 an hour because the lawyers delay could have put my R1 credit account in great risk since I had no income to pay my debt.
April 23 - 04) who else rather than Mr. Hodgskis who sent (the tax man to audit my income tax return inside the privacy of my home) obviously (to scare me away)?
Jun 16 – 03) filing a complain against wily dog at better Business Bureau on May 03 had received no positive resulted apparently because of my difficulties in either communicate in English or using computer. Mr. Hodgskiss unprofessional respond e-mail to BBB had been farwarded to me.
Oct 04 - 06) in search of a franchise lawyer who could agree to take care of my allegations against (wily dog) Heydary Hamilton law office appeared on internet and lawyer Javad Heydary who happened to be my country man told me on the phone and in Farsi language that (he was the man with expertise but had urged me to pay him an extra $10,000 on Nov 06 which violates the law society's terms of contingency fee agreement) as soon as he pocketed my $530 as initial fee.
June 09 – 10) Mr. hodgskiss rude warning e-mail had been recieved.
July 15 – 10) My second complain filled at BBB on this date had been interrupted on Aug 13 – 10) Mr. Hodgskiss had report me to Kingston Police with false accusations.
July 28 - 10) I had received a call from a male on July 28 -10 who introduced himself as (Kingston police officer but refused to give his budge No) and warned me (not to send not e-mails to Mr. Hodgskiss) and stop asking him (to cover the damages that his dishonesty had caused me to lose my hot dog business) on Oct 02..
Sept 03 – 10) My communication with police from Sept 03 – 10 till Dec 03 – 11 had finally got a (one line useful result) indicating that (my assumption) regarding (the caller) had been (a paid friend of Mr. Hodgskiss) was correct yet is not clear why police had failed to fallow up.
Dec 20 – 11) Sending not threatening e-mails to (the second lawyer) and to whom it could concern (requesting to return my money) made made HHPC to launch $700,000 law suit against me (rather than returning my lousy $530) that HHPC had charged me for $0 service.
Feb 13 – 12) Mr. Hodgskiss misused my (not threatening e-mails) to fool the Kingston police and had succeeded to have me arrested on Feb 13 – 12 at my door step but released on Feb 22 -12.
June 22 – 12) Mr. Hodgskiss cry’s in court to keep me in jail for longer time had been refused by the crown and (his false accusation against me had been tossed out of court) which could have been the reason that Mr. Hodgskiss confronted me (on his way out of court) while my lawyer was walking me in to one of the court room on June 22 – 12.
Mr. Hodgskiss hide his finger pointed in my face and swallowed his dis-respective attitude by walking away with out making a sound as soon as my young female lawyer looked straight in to his eyes and told him (my client can not talk to you) So..
Thanks for taking your time to read my long based on fact food business loss (written in brief) with intention (to help anyone in my shoe) to open a business safely. Please drop a line at [email protected] if you have any question.

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